Cheng Chen(陈诚)

Institute of Politics and Economics
Nanjing Audit University

Curriculum Vitae

  1. "The effect of sibship size on educational attainment of the first born: Evidence from three decennial censuses of Taiwan,"
    Cheng Chen, Sabrina Terrizzi, Shin-Yi Chou, and Hsien-Ming Lien, Empirical Economics, 61: 2173-2204, Aug 2021.

  2. "The relationship between family size and parents' labor supply and occupational prestige: Evidence from Taiwan and Mainland China,"
    Cheng Chen, Wangyang Zhao, Shin-Yi Chou, and Hsien-Ming Lien, China Economic Review, 66: 101596, Apr 2021.

  3. "The quantity of education and preference for sons: Evidence from Taiwan's compulsory education reform,"
    Cheng Chen, Shin-Yi Chou, Lea Gimenez Duarte, and Jin-Tan Liu, China Economic Review, 59: 101369, Feb 2020.

  4. "The effect of the second child on the nutrition intakes and the anthropometric outcomes of the first child: Evidence from China's one-child policy,"
    Cheng Chen, Shin-Yi Chou, Cheng Wang, and Wangyang Zhao, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 20(1): 20180340, Jan 2020.

  5. "The effect of household technology on weight and health outcomes among Chinese adults: Evidence from China's home appliances going to the countryside policy,"
    Cheng Chen, Shin-Yi Chou and Robert J. Thornton, Journal of Human Capital, 9(3): 364–401, Sep 2015.

Papers under Review
  1. "The long-term health effects of early-life malaria exposure: Evidence from Taiwan's malaria eradication in the 1950s,"
    with Shin-Yi Chou, Hsien-Ming Lien, and Jin-Tan Liu, Conditionally Appected at American Journal of Health Economics.

  2. "Pledge your faith in love? Estimating household risk- and benefit-sharing mechanisms using two natural experiments in China,"
    with Wei Fu and Shin-Yi Chou, R&R at Economic Development and Cultural Change.

  3. "Is owning a house always better than renting? New evidence of the quantity-quality trade-off from the United States,"
    with Ying-Min Kuo, Under Review at Southern Economic Journal.

  4. "Culture, policy obedience, and virus spread: Evidence from the anti-COVID efforts in the United States,"
    with Wei Fu, Ying-Min Kuo, and Yuanting Wu, Under Review at Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

  5. "How grandparents' co-residence affects the relationship between fertility and parents' labor market choice: Evidence from China,"
    with Wangyang Zhao and Ying-Min Kuo, Under Review at World Development.

Working Papers
  1. "Dust storm and birth outcomes: Evidence from Taiwan,"
    with Shin-Yi Chou, Hsien-Ming Lien, and Muzhe Yang, Current Draft May 2022.

  2. "Why are some people more sensitive to unfavorable news of COVID-19 vaccine? Evidence from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspension,"
    with Wei Fu and Ying-Min Kuo, Current Draft Feb 2022.

  3. "Wildfires and infant health at birth: Evidence from New Jersey,"
    with Li Zeng and Shin-Yi Chou, Current Draft Dec 2020.

Last update: June 23, 2022